Citroen Taranis Concept

The Taranis concept appears to be a lazy Transformer that doesn't transform, it just walks on its hands and feet and calls itself a car and hopes no-one notices.

Pete Norris must have watch too many Transformer movies, because his Citroen Taranis concept certainly looks like it is straight out of one of Michael Bay's films. The off-road racer comes with electric motors on each wheel hub, meaning a total of four on the monstrous racer. The long-legged two-seat Taranis features gullwing doors and a laser-light dashboard. Set in a futuristic photo shoot, the off-roader is equipped with a double-jointed wheel setup with double-jointed front swing arms that give the car a very tight turning radius.

The name Taranis connotates either a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a tarantula, however Norris says it is neither. It was named after the Celtic god of thunder who apparently carries a thunderbolt in one hand and a wheel in the other. Check out the photos and lets us know what you think about the futuristic Taranis designed by Pete Norris.

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