Citroen Tubik Concept Previews the Shuttle of Tomorrow


Citroen releases renderings of their upcoming Tubik MPV concept before its live debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Citroen has just revealed their new Tubik concept, a "high-tech executive shuttle" that's based on the idea that "travel should be fun." Interesting way to put it, but judging from these concept visuals, Citroen is moving forward with their new definition of an MPV, albeit one that's shaped like a box. The French automaker states that "the challenge for vehicle manufacturers is to develop solutions tailored to the mobility issues of the future."

Sounds fair enough, but Citroen hasn't announced what sort of powertrain will be used (although we're assuming it'll be an EV) or other specific features. Looking at these renderings, the interior is closed off from the world due to a lack of windows, but this latest box on wheels may not only preview a future model, but also the brand's future styling. For now, Citroen is being mum on any other details, so we'll just have to wait a little over a week before the Tubik Concept is fully unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show.


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