Citroen Unveils DS3 Cabrio Racing

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The lovable little French car returns.

When Citroen first showed the DS3 Racing, a wild and flamboyant high performance version of the DS3 which was based on the company's race cars, the plan was to build only 1,000 units. This was later amended to 2,400, although that still means there aren't very many out there in the world. If you missed the chance to grab one, there is some good news. Citroen is now making a Cabrio version, the concept of which will debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week.

No less personage than Sebastien Loeb, rally legend in his own time, is being used to promote the car, which is mechanically mostly the same as the old DS3 Racing. The looks are slightly more subdued than the original, as there are no orange wheels or roof, and this will doubtless prove disappointing to some. The good news is the removable roof is simply some sliding canvass, and this means no significant increase in weight or decrease in rigidity when compared to the hardtop. No word on price yet, but if the original is anything to go on, it will be a lot.

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