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City Bus Becomes Rolling Strip Club


Also suitable for children's parties.

Retired city buses have long had a reputation for reinventing themselves and getting revived with a wide array of functions – from homes for the homeless to diners and exhibition venues. The Bar Bus Maxi, previously an Ikarus 280.33 accordion-bus, was retired from the St. Petersburg public transport fleet in 2007. But only in Russia could a bus that's been taken out of commission be converted into this: a rolling bar, strip club and party venue, catering to everything from wedding parties to children's birthday events.

Renting the Bar Bus Maxi starts at approximately $140 an hour, but rates climb when it is optioned out with special decorations, DJs, bartenders and of course – strippers. The Bar Bus has become such a success that it has even been featured in local television and film productions.

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