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City to Pay $44k After Cop Smashes into Carerra GT

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This is one expensive fender bender.

As if cops didn't have enough to worry about on their shift, one Arizona police officer found out the hard way the importance of paying attention while on the road. The officer rear ended a 2004 Carrera GT, valued at $369,000, which may actually be a bit conservative considering the prices they often nab. The car received damage to its right taillight, an exhaust pipe and the bumper, with the repair costs coming it $44,000.

The Tuscon city council voted to pay the hefty bill, which undoubtedly was the cause of many jokes at the police station. $44k is a lot of money, however with less than 1,300 GT's every produced, we can imagine the cost of replacing these parts. The exhaust pipe is made out of an extremely thin-walled alloy of steel and nickel, and the bumper is carbon fiber, meaning it cant just be knocked back into shape, but rather must be replaced. If there is one lesson we can all learn from this, its to keep your eyes on the road.

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