Civil War: McLaren F1 Vs. McLaren P1

Can the successor outdo its legendary benchmark?

At first it may seem that these two holy automotive gods aren’t really in competition with one another. The McLaren F1 falls into that rarely qualified iconic category while its P1 spiritual successor will surely follow one day. The F1 was a pure analog hypercar void of any of those high-tech systems found on the P1. Both are carbon fiber-enriched masterpieces, but the F1 achieved speed without the aid of computers; it’s naturally aspirated V12 paired to a six-speed manual was more than enough.

Today, however, is a very different story and the P1 is without question the one of the premier hypercars of the decade. With its combined twin-turbocharged V8 combined with an electric motor, outright performance and handling will set new standards. But is the P1 better than F1? Vice versa? Or are they even really comparable? These are questions that are difficult and maybe even impossible to answer.

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