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CLA45 AMG Shooting Brake Spied in Germany

Spy Video / 9 Comments

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it’ll make it to our shores.

With the Mercedes-Benz CLA Class sending company sales through the roof, it's no wonder the carmaker can't wait to add more brothers to the family. This video gives us a look at the upcoming addition, a station wagon that will probably become the CLA45 AMG Shooting Brake. Spied at a Mercedes facility outside of Stuttgart, the Shooting Brake features a new roof and beautiful, sleek lines, and should come with the same 355 horsepower turbocharged four as in the four-door.

Like its bigger brother, the CLS Shooting Brake, we don't expect this model to make it to the US. And when you see it in this video, you'll understand why that upsets us:

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