Clarkson And May Tell Us Why Modern Cars Are As Dull As Refrigerators


“No child will ever ask their parents for a poster of a Renault Kadjar to put on their walls.” -Jeremy Clarkson

We appreciate the talent of three great automotive orators, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, for their ability to take the complex world of cars and spin its tale into easily digestible bits. And though it may have been unintentional, that’s what the former of the two hosts end up doing during this interview with Mashable. The reporter starts with usual questions like, “what cars do you drive daily?” and, “what do you think about the autonomous revolution?”

Things get more interesting when the interviewer asks, “what keeps you excited about cars?” The two reply that it’s actually crappy cars, not the multimillion dollar supercars they drive on the regular, that keeps them in the game. However, the question is enough to get Clarkson started on a tangent where he rips millennials for not liking cars.

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Oof, tough blow, though unfortunately he has a point. It’s not just data that paints the millennial as more interested in taking an Uber or walking to the store than owning a car to get around that tells the story, its also reflected in the takeover of the crossover SUV. Basically, consumer demand has morphed our pretty daily drivers, which once felt special and alive whether wearing a Honda or Bentley badge, into larger SUVs in the name of comfort. Sure, they’re functional and do their jobs well, but as Clarkson put it, no child will ask their parent for a poster of a Renault Kadjar to put on their wall. We agree to an extent, but a vast array of cheap sports cars argue against the claim that all modern cars are boring.