Clarkson And May Would Not Have Survived Hammond's Rimac Crash

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Richard Hammond's height could have saved his life.

Richard Hammond is lucky to be alive after recently rolling over a Rimac Concept One. The Grand Tour trio were out filming a comparison for the second series pitting the electric supercar against a Lamborghini Aventador S and Acura NSX in Switzerland. Tearing up a hill climb, Hammond pushed too hard, lost control and rolled down a hill, landing upside down before the car burst into flames. It's miraculous that he escaped with relatively minor injuries. But what if Clarkson or May had been driving the electric supercar instead?

Writing for The Sunday Times, a source close to the show's production team revealed to journalist Will Dron that Clarkson and May would have been unlikely to survive if they were driving. The reason? Because Clarkson is 6ft 5in and May is 6ft tall, they would have been more likely to hit their heads and be knocked unconscious as the Rimac rolled. Hammond, who is 5ft 7in tall, had enough head clearance to avoid serious injury and was conscious throughout the accident. "Obviously because I was upside down, I was hanging off the seatbelt, resting my head on the crash helmet," Hammond said. "It was difficult to get out."

Again, if a taller person was driving they would have had an even harder time trying to escape the overturned car. Considering the Concept One caught on fire seconds after Hammond managed to escape, this could have had fatal consequences. In a recent interview with DriveTribe, Hammond described the rollover as "like being in a tumble dryer full of bricks going down a hill" and genuinely thought he was going to die. Hammond often gets ridiculed for his height, but in this case, it could have saved his life.

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