Clarkson And Top Gear Have Done It Again

Britain's favorite car show just can't stop annoying the Brits.

TheUK's most popular television car show, Top Gear, and especially its lead host,Jeremy Clarkson, have gained an iffy reputation that has gotten them into troublewith the British media and public, time and again. While previous incidentsusually revolved around Clarkson's big mouth and affinity for racial andhomophobic slurs, this time the show is getting negative attention for itschoice of content and location in one of its recently filmed episodes.

It seems that Clarkson and co-host, James May, decided to take a bunchof Peugeots out and crash them at a site in Oxfordshire. May crashed hisPeugeot into Clarkson's car, with May's vehicle ending up in a ditch andClarkson's in a roadside field. Unfortunately, this was the precise location ofa 2010 crash that claimed the life of a 26 year old woman named Jane Sandalls,who herself was behind the wheel of a Peugeot 106. It seems that the choice ofthe site was unintentional, but Top Gear declined to comment when pressed bythe Daily Mail.

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