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Clarkson Drives McLaren P1 for Top Gear

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Top Gear presenter spotted in Belgium driving British supercar for new season.

As the first customer McLaren P1s roll off the assembly line in Woking, Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson has been caught on camera driving what appears to be one of the very first customer cars. Thanks to Jorrie we can reveal that the following videos were taken in Belgium, where the Top Gear crew was filming a feature for next season. The weather was unkind to the British presenter, with unrelenting rainfall spoiling his precious time with the stunning hybrid hypercar.

The first video sees Clarkson, customary cigg in hand, leaving a restaurant and greeting fans in usual dismissive fashion, begrudgingly stopping for a photo before getting into a Range Rover, while the McLaren is driven to location by a member of the crew.

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In the second video, the stony-faced Brit can be seen emerging from a narrow street following a pair of Range Rovers, one of which is the camera car for the ensuing shoot. We have no idea what the feature will entail, hopefully the weather died down enough for Clarkson to give it a proper flogging.