Clarkson, Hammond And May Cause Chaos In Amphibious Car

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Only The Grand Tour trio could shut down an entire village in an amphibious car.

Clarkson, Hammond and May are no strangers to causing controversy during filming shoots. While this latest escapade during a filming session for the second series of The Grand Tour didn't have as serious consequences as their infamous trip to Argentina, it still outraged residents. The trio were spotted driving around a quaint Yorkshire village in what looks like an SUV converted into an amphibious car with a jet engine attached to it. Yes, it's exactly the sort of bizarre vehicle only The Grand Tour trio could dream up.

According to the Metro, required road closures for the filming forced local drivers to take 10-mile detours. One man, a retired construction manager who rents a stable at a local livery yard, claimed the disruption caused him to lose business. "It's usual total chaos and mismanagement," he said. "It basically means anyone wanting to come from one side of the village to the other has to take a 10-mile detour – it's not practical and we should not have to do it. It has caused considerable disruption to people moving about from one side to the other." A spokesperson The Grand Tour downplayed the disruption, however. Because let's face it, this is business as usual for Clarkson, Hammond and May.

"We were filming up in Yorkshire yesterday but with respect would hardly say we caused chaos," they said. "We informed the local TV and filming authorities of our plans, we filmed on a quiet section of B road, and we had Marshall's holding traffic for short periods." Looks like we can look forward to more crazy challenges in the second series of The Grand Tour when it airs on Amazon Prime in the autumn. We just hope that this time the cringeworthy comedy content is balanced out with more informative car content - The Grand Tour team could probably learn from the latest series of Top Gear.

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