Clarkson, Hammond, And May's Solution To That BBC Ban Is So Simple It's Brilliant


Nothing like screwing your former bosses.

We learned last week that our favorite former Top Gear trio, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, were facing a bit of a legal hurdle. Along with former TG executive producer, Andy Wilman, the three were reportedly close to signing a deal for a new car show on ITV. There was just one problem: a clause in their BBC contracts stated they can't appear on a rival British TV channel for two years from the time they left. ITV is based in the UK, hence the issue.

However, the Mirror is now claiming that Jezza and crew have figured out a legal loophole that'll get them out of this "non-compete" clause. Here's how: Make their new show through an overseas (likely a US) production firm "that will then sell the rights around the world including to UK broadcasters such as ITV." Another possibility could be signing a split deal with Netflix that would "air the new show 24 hours earlier than a traditional broadcaster." Whatever option the three end up choosing should be announced fairly soon.

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