Clarkson Is Going To Make PETA Furious On The Next 'The Grand Tour'

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His idea of a sustainable car may involve a lot of dead animals.

Last week's episode of "The Grand Tour" hit all the right marks. It featured awesome cars taking a road trip in an exotic locale. The mix of comedy and car stuff was just right. The episode felt like an old "Top Gear," which is a good thing. That run of success looks primed to continue this week as Amazon has just released the trailer for the fourth episode of "The Grand Tour." The trio are still in England but this time they aren't leaving for Italy or some other far-off land, nor are they driving glamorous cars.

Instead, the guys are building their own cars, with the goal being to create the most eco-friendly vehicle possible using truly sustainable materials. The video description also mentions that the custom cars will be taking part in a "green motorsport event."

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The custom car challenges were some of the best episodes of the old "Top Gear." It's great to see the guys "building" their own cars once again as we're almost guaranteed to see one of the three vehicles-if not all of them-fall apart in ridiculous fashion at some point during the episode. James May's custom job is the early front-runner to not finish the entire episode, that is unless it actually does double as a boat like this trailer suggests. This clip doesn't show much else which makes us think that the custom car challenge may be the main centerpiece, aside from a review and some in-studio bits. An entire episode centering around custom-built eco-cars sounds just fine to us.

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