Clarkson Mans Up: Begs Forgiveness in Video Message

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Top Gear presenter says attempts to obscure use of N-word 'weren't quite good enough.'

Having first denied the allegations, Jeremy Clarkson has released a video statement in which he has "begged" for public forgiveness and attempts to explain his apparent use of racist language. The piece we wrote yesterday never once posited the Top Gear presenter as a racist. Having grown up watching him for the past twenty years, clearly he is not. Our position was that he should simply own up to saying the n-word (regardless if he mumbled it or not). And now he has apologized.

In the apology, Clarkson says he is 'mortified and horrified' that after hearing back his recital of the rhyme: 'eeny, meeny, miny, mo, catch a n***** by his toe', it sounded as though he said the n-word.

Efforts to obscure it during the filming apparently failed, and the presenter reveals that 'I wish to god that my attempts to cover up that word were better than they were.' The BBC have accepted Clarkson's version of events and the Top Gear front man will continue presenting the best car show on TV. Some corners of the media, however, continue to call for his head, claiming the BBC 'are too afraid to lose him.' But we think, having made a public apology, it's time to put this latest Clarkson controversy to bed.

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