Clarkson, May, And Hammond Play Trivia While Racing A Corvette Z06

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Finally we see the Grand Tour trio embark on their first televised challenge.

It's hard to iterate the fact that nobody can wait for The Grand Tour to start up again. It's been too long since we've seen Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond on screen pulling off stunts with a sense of lighthearted humor that pokes fun at the serious and official nature of the auto industry. To survive the drought, the three automotive nut jobs have been busy feeding the public short doses of teaser clips to keep the audience's interest.

And now we get the mother of all teasers in the form of a racing game on James Corden's late night show that may as well be a challenge straight out of the Top Gear playbook.

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In what looks like the best reinvention of the standard television game show, Jezza, May, and Hammond get into a Corvette Z06 and go for a hot lap around the track. The winner is the one that manages to go round the circuit in the least amount of time as in any other race. With those being the rules, it's easy to expect that either Clarkson or Hammond would win given that May has the title of Capitan Slow. However, the caveat to the race is that during the high speed corners and heel-toe downshifts, each of the three must correctly answer questions asked by Corden himself. Of course, what ensues is pure Top Gear-esque gold.

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