Clarkson's Big Mouth To Run Free on Netflix?

Reports say he could get "full control" of a new show on the network.

Aftergetting his butt kicked out of the BBC and causing the season of Top Gear to becancelled for punching a producer, it seems Jeremy Clarkson might be gettingout of time earlier than expected. Long known as the bad boy of automotiveTV, Clarkson's racial slurs, homophobic statements and other debacles had beengiving the BBC a major headache for some time now. But when he hit a produceron the show a few weeks back, the network had no choice but to fire the badboy.

But for fans, it isn't all bad news. According to The Independent, Clarksonhas been offered "full control" and "free reign" should hechoose to sign with Netflix to create his own show. And if this is how he displayed his anger with BBC's oversight, imaginethe fun he would have with no censorship:

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