Classic "Bullnose" Morris Totaled by Soviet Lada

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This 1925 Morris Cowley has clearly seen better days. The cause of this debacle? A Soviet-built Lada.

Currently on display at the Beaulieu Motor Museum in the UK, this 1925 "Bullnose" Morris Cowley is still awaiting a major repair. For those who don't know, the Cowley was a four-seater built by Morris beginning in 1915. It was a cheaper version of Morris Oxford and featured the familiar "Bullnose" radiator. Interestingly, many of its components were imported to the UK from the US because they were less expensive. These included the side valve, the four-cylinder engine, and the three-speed gearbox.

Because of the outbreak of World War I, however, these supplies became limited. All told, about 1,400 were built by the end of production. The model pictured here is clearly not in the best condition. In fact, it's completely totaled. According to the plaque description, it's still "awaiting repair" after a major accident. Apparently, in the mid-1980s, it was struck from behind by a Soviet-built Lada, which, if anyone knows, is one of the worst cars ever built. Quite possibly, it is the worst. After rolling over four times, its driver remained at the wheel (read: he wasn't crushed to death) and actually lived.

On the bright side, the engine managed to remain intact. But still, of all cars that could inflict this kind of damage...a Lada? We thought they were built from flimsy cardboard and used plywood. As far as we know, the accident-causing Lada is not on display at Beaulieu. Honestly, it shouldn't be on display anywhere.

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