Classic Clarkson: Bentley Arnage T

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There are few things quite as quintessentially British as Bentley and Jeremy Clarkson.

Last week we dragged an old video of Jeremy Clarkson testing a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren out of the archives and brought it to your attention. You seem to have liked it, so we're back this week with another classic Clarkson clip. This video comes from the fifth episode of the very first season of the "new" Top Gear when it relaunched back in 2002. Jezza's driving the Arnage T, the car that took Bentley out from under Rolls-Royce's roof and into the Volkswagen Group era, ditching the BMW engine and bringing back the classic 6.75-liter V8.

The result was a 3-ton beast that could hit 60 in 5.5 seconds. "You ever wondered what Blenheim Palace would look like going sideways?" asked Clarkson. "Well I'll turn the traction control off, and you need wonder no more."

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