Classic Clarkson: Jeremy Drives a 70s Lincoln

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Clarkson's used to driving the latest exotic supercars. This '76 Town Car sits at the opposite end of the spectrum.

There's a host on Top Gear that loves American cars, but it isn't Jezza. No, that role falls to Richard Hammond. Clarkson doesn't care much for them at all. In this classic clip from "Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld", everyone's favorite wool-headed automotive journalist takes to the wheel of a 1976 Lincoln Town Car. Hardly a muscle car, that... just a big, floating barge of a car that epitomizes everything that was wrong with Detroit in the Seventies.

So what does Jeremy have to say about the old Lincoln? "If you could imagine sharing a waterbed with a baboon that's just been doused in etching powder, then – and only then – could you begin to get the picture."

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