Classic Clarkson: Jezza Buys a Ferrari

Jeremy liked the Ferrari F355 so much that he went out and bought one. And despite intentions to the contrary, he got it in red, just like everyone else.

This is the nicest car I have ever, ever driven." That’s what Jeremy Clarkson said of the Ferrari F355 when he first drove it back in the mid '90s. That’s high praise from one of the most recognized automotive journalists in the world, even if he was a couple of decades less experienced than he is now. Jezza was so impressed, in fact, that he went out and bought one. A red GTS version, in fact, with the removable hard-top that he later regretted, looking back at the buying experience in this video clip from "Clarkson’s Car Years".

So what did he have to say about one of the finest sportscars Ferrari had ever made some fifteen years later? "It’s still the best car I’ve ever driven." Catch the five-minute segment in the video below.

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