Classic Clarkson: Maserati MC12

Ferrari never took the Enzo racing. Instead it handed it over to Maserati, which turned it into the MC12. Jeremy drove it on season six.

2005 may not seem like that long ago, but we’re going back the better part of a decade to bring you this clip of vintage Top Gear when Clarkson drove the Maserati MC12. The street-legal version of Maserati’s GT1 racing car (itself based on the Ferrari Enzo), the MC12 was a rare beast. Only 50 were made, and its 620hp 6.0-liter V12 was capable of sending it to 62 in just 3.8 seconds and on to a 205mph top speed. The Stig drove it to a 1:18.9 lap time, making it the fastest car on the show at that point, and the 15th fastest still today.

For context, Jezza drove an 80s Biturbo, the '57 250F and an Enzo. But to get down to the point, he summed up the MC12 in typical style: "It’s like making a hard-core adult film and then editing it so it can be shown in British hotels. You just end up with a half-hour close-up of some bloke’s sweaty face."

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