Classic Clarkson: Mercedes SLR McLaren

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A supercar with a split personality meets its match in the ever-affable Clarkson, filmed for Top Gear back in 2004.

The relationship between Mercedes-Benz and McLaren is an interesting one. It was forged on the racing circuit, but when it reached the road, the distance between them could be measured in light-years. The result was the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, a supercar crafted by an F1 racing team but watered down and fattened up by a luxury automaker. A super-GT with an automatic transmission, it was a bit like that Pirelli poster with Olympic sprinter Carl Lewis in high heels.

Jeremy Clarkson drove the SLR on Top Gear for the second episode of season 4 back in 2004. He compared it to a shrimp salad sandwich, but was suitably impressed before handing it over to the Stig to see how it would perform on the Top Gear test track. Check out the classic clip below.

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