Classic Ford Bronco Converted Into 600-HP Electric Off-Roader

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It's underpinned by Zero Labs' new and improved generation 3 platform.

With the banning of combustion car sales looming and emissions regulations getting stricter, electric restomod conversions are becoming a popular way of preserving classic car designs for future generations. Enter Zero Labs Automotive, a company that specializes in converting classic cars into modern zero-emission EVs best-known for building the world's first electric classic Ford Bronco back in 2019. Now, Zero Labs is unleashing a new generation of classic electric restomods underpinned by the company's new and improved generation 3 platform.

According to Zero Labs, the new generation of electric restomods benefits from nearly 2,000 design upgrades for the body and interior. All current and future restomod builds will be underpinned by Zero Labs' generation 3 platform that allows for entirely flat floors resulting in 25% more interior space.

Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs

New three-way electric seats make driving more comfortable for taller people, while ride height control and one-pedal driving improve the on-road performance. Most previously optional features are now standard, including upgraded independent front and rear suspension and a standard 600-horsepower dual-motor setup. Each restomod now offers over 250 miles of range as standard and optional Level 3 DC fast charging.

Since the pandemic, the EV conversion market has boomed. Zero Labs has already started deliveries of its new-generation restomods and has received thousands of requests for pre-built models and platform conversions. Demand is so high that Zero Labs already has most orders filled for 2022 and 2023. "Many of our customers already have an EV as a daily driver but feel new plastic electric vehicles lack 'soul' or any connection to a personal history," said Adam Roe, CEO and founder of Zero Labs Automotive.

Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs

"Bridging the growing gap between modern electric cars, between the past you love, and the future we need is where we come in," continues Roe. "Our new generation of classic electric vehicles is the best there is and built to last decades while simultaneously producing an extremely safe but covert electrical drive system."

Zero Labs currently sells electric restomod conversions based on the 1966-1977 Ford Bronco, classic Land Rover Series III, and the Land Rover Defender 110. A new mystery classic restomod will also be revealed in early 2022. Restomods that ride on the upgraded generation 3 platform won't be cheap, however, with an average selling price of around $350,000, while the limited-edition carbon-fiber versions sell for $450,000 on average.

Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs

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