1960s Ford Mustang Goes Electric For $260,000

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Cutting-edge tech meets classic design in a 1960s Ford Mustang.

Charge Automotive is a British company that wants to change the way you see classic cars. Its mission statement says, "We redefine great classic cars with advanced electric technology while preserving their iconic design. Thus, we believe for emission-free future with giving ultimate performance to epic autolegends."

That is quite an ambitious goal and one that goes head-on with the notion that a classic car should be all about the raw smells and sounds of a bygone era.

Charge Automotive thinks that its EV Ford Mustang will change those perceptions; judging by the reception the Jaguar E Type Zero has received, they may be onto something.

Charge Automotive has a team of engineers from companies such as Williams F1, McLaren Automotive and Jaguar Land Rover who have extensive experience in developing luxury and high-performance vehicles, who will be tasked with designing 499 units of the 1960s style Ford Mustang EVs in both fastback and convertible body styles. They will also be working in partnership with EV tech company, Arrival and AI racing company, Roborace.

The shells will all be officially licensed to preserve the classic silhouette of the original. However, it is unclear whether any other components will be shared with the '60s variants. What we do know is that the 64 kWh battery will produce 402 horsepower and a massive 885 lb-ft of torque.

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This will be enough to get the EV Mustang to 62 mph in a very quick 3.09 seconds and it should also offer a 124-mile range between charges, presumably when you are not regularly exploring its performance capabilities. A switchable drivetrain allowing both RWD and AWD operation should allow for both sideways action and serious traction when required.

They will be holding test drive events around the globe between March and September in 2019, US locations include New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. That is probably the most logical target market for a low-volume electric car that will start at £200,000 ($259,000 at today's rates) before options. Deliveries are projected to start in September 2019. The future is here, and it looks a lot like the past. But a lot quieter.

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