Classic Mini Blends Iconic Styling With Electric Power

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It's adorable AND eco-friendly.

Swapping electric drivetrains into classic vehicles is a booming business. We've seen third-party companies like Everrati turn the 911 into an EV and even OEMs like Ford have converted their classics with projects like the F-100 Eluminator. Among all iconic classic cars, few seem more ripe for an electric motor than the original Mini Cooper. Its diminutive size makes it perfect for quiet city runabout. A company called Aznom Automotive, previously known for the 850-horsepower Aznom Palladium, has just launched a new brand called Toys 4 Boys, which focuses on restomods and customization.

Toys 4 Boys launches with the Mini E-Classic, a classic Cooper with a modern electric drivetrain. The car features a Retrofit 60-horsepower system linked to an ILifePo 14 kWh DM219 battery pack. That's a pretty small battery by modern standards - for comparison, a brand-new 2023 Mini Cooper Electric Hardtop uses a 32 kWh battery. Still, Aznom says the lightweight classic should travel 87 miles on a single charge, more than enough for city use.

Aznom Automotive Aznom Automotive Aznom Automotive

This particular build used a Mini Mk5 (built from 1984 to 1990) donor car, though the electrification kit is compatible with any car built after 1982. Drivers can select from three setups, including eco, normal, and sport. Aznom says the kit will later be developed to fit in other vintage vehicles besides Mini Coopers. If Aznom can squeeze in more powerful motors, we'd love to see what the company can do with an American muscle car.

As for the Mini E-Classic, it's designed to look like a 1960s rally car on the outside. The interior is wrapped in blue Alcantara and leather with yellow accents to match the exterior. It looks retro inside, but contains modern niceties like digital instruments.

Aznom Automotive Aznom Automotive

A second "Cote d'Azur" version will feature a fully opening roof and a design inspired by the French Riviera. This includes a "Tiffany" Turquoise paint scheme with a matching interior. Mini itself recently worked with fashion designer Paul Smith to create an electric classic Cooper, but that was just a one-off. Aznom Automotive's creation is actually for sale, and just made its debut at Top Marques in Monaco. Full production kicks off in September.

Aznom Automotive Aznom Automotive

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