Classic Mini Crushed at New Jersey Junkyard for Being Illegal Immigrant

Imagine if they did that with people...

Apparently there’s a steady stream of illegally imported Minis and Land Rover Defenders entering the US from the UK that our deemed unfit for our fair roads. US Customs and Border Protection are thus teaming up with British law enforcement to destroy these cars before an unsuspecting owner unwittingly gets hold of one. As part of Operation Atlantic, watch this Mini – one of around 100 vehicles caught from the dragnet – as it gets destroyed beyond recognition at a New Jersey junkyard.

Having arrived in June, the Mini had a VIN indicating it was from 1988, however a different engine and the steering wheel on the wrong side meant it was probably a 2000 model. Potentially made from stolen vehicle parts, it was thus deemed unsafe and brutally transformed into scrap.

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