Classic Mini With 360-HP Is One Scary Pocket Rocket

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With TEN times as much power as the original, this Mini has massive ambitions.

The original Mini (no not the fat modern one) was released way back in 1959, under its hood was an 850 cc engine pushing out a huge 34 hp. Clearly, something had to be done. Enter a 22-year old guy from the UK who has just built a classic Mini with more than 10 times that figure. Living Life Fast interviewed the owner to find out more.

Instead of the piddly little original motor, a B16 Honda VTec has been shoehorned under the hood instead. It may only have a 1.6-liter capacity but thanks to a GT3076R turbocharger that is so big it has to sit outside the front grille, it now produces a serious 360hp. It retains its front-wheel-drive layout for now so putting all that power down in something weighing not much more than a shoe can be a challenge.

Now there are plenty of modded Minis about but the attention to detail here makes this particular car worth a mention. First off, instead of just cranking up the boost, there are also larger 750cc injectors, a set of radiators and a Wilwood brake setup to ensure that the fuelling, cooling and stopping capabilities are all up to scratch too. As can be seen from the images, the bodywork has also enjoyed some major modifications. Wider arches, a custom paint job, massive rear wing and uprated head and taillights give the Mini an aggressive look without losing its iconic lines.

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On the inside, the dashboard has been modified, there are custom seats, and fiberglass trim replaces most of the original panels. A five-speed quick shifter helps keep things on the boil while the custom audio system plays something suitably energetic to accompany the ferocious acceleration of this feral Mini. The most impressive bit though is that it was all done by the owner himself. And he's not done yet. Apparently, an all-wheel-drive layout and over 500 hp are in the cards.

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