Classic Rolls-Royce Gets 1,000-HP Supercharged Hellcat Engine

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It's not a combination we'd exactly expect but we can't say we hate it.

Supercharged V8s are commonly accredited to thoroughbred American muscle cars such as the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Die-hard enthusiasts, however, will remind you that the British once dabbled in this sphere as well. Let us remind you that the JLR group remains dedicated to its 5.0-liter supercharged V8 which you can find in its F-Type and Range Rover Sport SVR (before the group moves over to EV only in 2025).

The experimental builders at Hoonigan have decided to strengthen Anglo-American relations with its latest creation, and if you say it out loud, it sounds pretty crazy. What we have here is Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II with a Dodge Hellcat Crate engine swap, further supported by a Magnuson supercharger.


In all fairness, when it was launched in 1970, the Silver Shadow II was powered by an L410 6.75-liter V8 which was good for 189 horsepower. That's quite a means away from the 1,000 hp figure attached to the engine that now sits under the hood. To source even more of a muscular tone from the prissy drift build, the team approaches Borla exhausts for a custom system. For added versatility, the mufflers are also interchangeable with different tubes, so the sound can be adjusted when desired.

In its day, the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II was praised for its comfort thanks to its high-pressure hydropneumatic suspension that it built under license from Citroen. Unfortunately, the Hoonigan boys realized that this wouldn't be all too effective for drifting, so a bespoke tube-frame racing chassis was put together. The plush and opulent interior trimmings have also been thrown out and replaced with four Sparco bucket seats.


Visually, the panels of the Silver Shadow II have pretty much been left untouched but the classic British luxury sedan has had its ride height significantly lowered. The axles have also been mated to a set of Rotiform LASR alloy wheels with aeordisc covers for a more classical look, sort of. The entire appearance is rounded together with a custom white vinyl wrap supplied by 360 Wraps. The final touch is provided by an air intake that replaces one of the circular headlights.

Of course, with all that extra power, you're going to need some additional stopping abilities. That's why the group fitted a Baer six-piston caliper connected to a dual-rotor ventilated brake disk. This is connected to a custom-designed yard-stick brake lever that locks up the front or back, as you demand. We've got to admit, this is a Rolls-Royce unlike we've ever seen.


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