Classic Shelby GT500 Packs A Modern Supercharged Predator Engine

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You can also order one with a Coyote V8.

To commemorate what would have been Carroll Shelby's 100th birthday this year, a company called Hi-Tech Automotive has just revealed what it is calling a new 1967 Shelby GT500. This is technically a restomod, taking an old car and equipping it with modern features, but Hi-Tech says it has coined a new term for this project.

"Our aim is to remove the inconsistencies that are typically characteristic of a restomod build. Our modernized 1967 Shelby GT500 is not a restored original but rather a modern-day reproduction of that vehicle built brand new from the ground up in a factory-controlled environment, a term which we have coined a 'repromod,'" said Nick Price, Director of Hi-Tech Automotive.

The car is actually sold as a rolling chassis though Utah-based subsidiary Hi-Tech Legends, painted and ready to have an engine and transmission installed. Speaking of engines, the choices are "but not limited to" a naturally aspirated or supercharged 5.0-liter Coyote V8 from a new Ford Mustang or the 5.2-liter supercharged Predator engine from the Shelby GT500. Customers can select a 10-speed automatic or Tremec six-speed manual transmission, depending on the engine selected.

Hi-Tech Automotive Hi-Tech Automotive Hi-Tech Automotive Hi-Tech Automotive

This car is truly a factory fresh 1967 Mustang, built with brand new steel panels that are digitally aligned and welded with modern techniques. All of the Shelby-specific hood, trunk, rear quarter extensions, and side air intake scoops are made in-house from glass reinforced epoxy resin. The 64-step paint process, which includes the famous Shelby stripes, uses Glasurit paint products. The Hi-Tech GT500 should drive better than the original thanks to fully independent front and rear suspension and modern brakes.

Likewise, the interior looks similar to an original Shelby, but modernized. Most of the panels are wrapped in German Nappa leather, the roof is lined in Alcantara, and the floors and trunk get plush OEM quality carpeting. Hi-Tech replaced the uncomfortable original seats with Recaro Specialist M chairs that are power-adjustable and installed a modern Sony infotainment system that fits nicely in the dash.

Hi-Tech Automotive Hi-Tech Automotive Hi-Tech Automotive Hi-Tech Automotive

You can purchase the rolling chassis starting at $214,500, but options and an engine will pull the price up to around $270,000. That sounds like a lot of money for a "replica" Shelby, but this should offer a superior driving experience and can be fully customized to an owners' taste without compromising an original. Hi-Tech is well-known for building replica Shelby Cobras, so we wouldn't doubt their quality. The company has also worked closely with M. Neil Cummings, the CEO of Carroll Shelby Licensing, to make sure this car could be brought to market.

2024 production is limited to just twenty vehicles, and pricing is subject to change after those cars are completed. Slots are allocated on a first come first served basis, so if you want a "repromod" Shelby GT500, you better act fast.

Hi-Tech Automotive Hi-Tech Automotive Hi-Tech Automotive Hi-Tech Automotive

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