Classic Supercar Matchup: Countach vs. Ferrari 512 BB

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Two classic V12 supercars from our favorite Italian brands are put to the test to see which is better.

We so often see duels between today's most expensive and powerful supercars. While that's all fine and good, there are also many great supercars from the past that are still proudly driven by their owners today. The Lamborghini Countach, which first launched in 1974, remains one of the most adored supercars ever. With its mid-mounted V12, it served as Lambo's flagship for 16 years. The Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer (predecessor to the Testarossa) also had a V12 mid-mounted.

So are both of these classic supercars the ideal matchup? Although these two great Italians are eight years apart in age, the Countach and BB models came to market at roughly the same time. For classic supercar fans, this is definitely one cool comparison.

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