Cleaning The Inside Of Your Car With A Power Washer Is So Very Dumb

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She definitely ruined her interior in an attempt to cut corners.

Unfortunately there's no real easy way to give the interior of a car a deep cleaning. No matter how small your ride is you'll need to roll up your sleeves, put some time aside and get to work a scrubin'. However, some people don't got that kind of time. No, some people prefer to clean the inside of their car or truck as quickly and easily as possible. Unfortunately quick and easy don't always equal right, especially when a power washer is involved. Yes, someone actually decided to clean their car with a power washer.

We're not sure what this lady was thinking but we applaud her for sticking to her guns. There had to be some doubt running through her mind after all. Hopefully whatever mess she cleaned was worth the inevitable water damage she undoubtedly caused to the cab of her truck.

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