Clearly There Are Better Ways To Steal A New BMW

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We've seen better attempts at grand theft auto.

Anyone interested in stealing a car one day, let this be a lesson on how not to do it. A 37-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly breaking into a San Francisco BMW dealer in the middle of the night and attempting to steal not one, but two cars. The guy first tried to steal a 5 Series after finding the keys in the locked box. He then drove and smashed through the glass window in a failed attempt to escape. With that plan now a no-go, he snatched the keys to a Frozen Red M3 worth about $100,000 (thanks to a $15k dealer markup).

This time he managed to ram it through a side window and take off, but not without causing damage to the car itself. Five minutes later, police responded to a hit and run report. The thief, who had by then smashed into a parked taxi, took off on foot. The taxi driver, who was sleeping inside, wasn't seriously hurt. About an hour later, police responded to another call of a domestic violence dispute between a man and woman. Guess who the man turned out to be? The thief was then taken into custody. The family who owns the dealership claims they've never had a break-in of this magnitude in over 60 years of business. The M3? Well, see the before and after pics ahead.

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