Cleetus McFarland's 3000hp Camaro Was Made in America, and He Was Too


God Damn he loves America.

Somewhere in Murica, a bald eagle is soaring thanks to this guy. That's right. Just when we thought freedom couldn't get any better, along comes Cleetus McFarland with his 3,000 hp Chevy Camaro. Cleetus is a true American patriot who was born and raised in the heartland of freedom nation. This man bleeds red, white and blue, and his 3,000 hp 1969 Chevrolet Camaro big block V8 is a democracy mobile to the likes of which we have never seen.

We salute this star-spangled patriot and are proud to call ourselves Murican knowing that great cars and great men, such as Cleetus, were born right here in good ol' liberty country. So without further adieu, we proudly present Cleetus Murica McFarland and his liberty lovin' Chevy Camaro.

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