Clive Owen Returns To Star In New BMW Shorts Called "The Escape"

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"The Hire" series has been reprised and we can't wait.

You may not know this, but back in the early 2000s, BMW ran an ad campaign that was reminiscent of the plot of the Transporter series. The short series was dubbed "The Hire" and featured eight-minute films intriguing enough to make it so that we could sympathize with even the most stubborn BMW fanboy. They were full of car chase scenes, great getaway driving, and of course, a BMW as the star of the film. The human star of these films was Clive Owen, who doubled as the mysterious, quiet, and sophisticated professional driver.

To signal the return of the series, BMW left us with this teaser.

In all likelihood, you've at least seen "Star," which featured Madonna as the arrogant pop star passenger trying to get to her concert in time. We were sad to see them vanish into the past, and we're sure BMW was too because they unquestionably were responsible for turning some gearheads into BMW fans, but now nostalgia will be no more. That's because BMW is bringing those films back and just like before, it's putting top talent in charge of the action. That means we'll once again see Owen along with Dakota Fanning, John Bernthal, and Vera Farmiga all act under the watchful eye of Academy Award nominated director Neill Blonkamp. This series will be called "The Escape" and should premiere October 23rd.

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If you need a refresher, check out Owen and his BMW M5 driving so fast Madonna pisses her pants. Seriously.

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