Close Match Ups: BMW M2 Vs. Ford Focus RS Split A 715-HP Sundae

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That's a a lot of horsepower for two small, spunky cars.

Most gearheads, at least those that have watched enough Top Gear to be influenced, know that European cars tend to be better than American cars. Even American muscle cars or sports cars like the Corvette lack in quality and handling characteristics compared to their German counterparts. Wait, hold on, what's this? There's a bit of blowback about that comment coming from the Ford Mustang GT350, Camaro ZL1, and Dodge Viper ACR corner.

That's because thanks to suburb chassis tuning, flat-plane cranks, and aerodynamic wizardry, the tables have turned. Oh how we like that.

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It's not to say that European cars are worse, it's just that the newest generation of American cars now have what it takes to battle Europe on its own playing field, the race track. To prove it, Emme Hall and Alex Goy of Road Show take a Ford Focus RS and a BMW M2 to the track for a good old fashioned test drive to see which side of the world does it best. However, as Goy points out, the Ford Focus RS is really a German car since much of the development work was done there. In other words, this has turned into a battle of Germany vs. Germany, so let's see which one does better.

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