Closing Gate Hits Kanye's Aventador

Kanye West's Lamborghini Aventador gets smacked by a closing gate. Such are the hardships faced by celebrities these days.

Kanye West isn’t shy about how much he loves his Lamborghini Aventador. We totally respect that and we’d be angry too if our Aventador got damaged in a way like this. According to TMZ and the Herald Sun, Kanye’s Aventador was being delivered to girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s house after a service trip to the local dealer. However, as the car was entering the front gate of the mansion, the driver apparently had a terrible sense of timing. The Lambo got hit by the closing gate before it had a chance to clear it.

No one was hurt and the dealer reportedly sent out a detailer to patch up any damage. Still, this was a dumb mistake that easily could have been avoided. Those rich people and their massive front house gates.

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