Clumsy Car Thief Leaves ID At The Scene Of The Crime


Somehow, they still haven’t been caught.

In contrast to the thieves who used hi-tech hacking techniques to steal 150 Jeeps, this car thief is incredibly incompetent. You would think that car thieves would do everything in their power to not leave any clues that could lead to the police tracking them down. Like, say, leaving your ID behind at the scene of the crime. But that’s exactly what this clumsy car thief did at a Texas dealership. KSAT reports that a man entered San Antonio-based dealer Auto Boulevard and told the salesman he was intending to buy a car.

After setting his sights on a 2010 Infiniti G37, the thief was handed the keys to inspect the vehicle while a salesman dealt with another prospective customer. Brazenly, instead of waiting for a test drive, the thief drove away. The crime was captured on CCTV, and if that wasn’t already incriminating he supplied a copy of his state ID with his address and phone number to the dealership. "He liked the car apparently, so much that he took it,” a salesman from the dealership said. “I still don't understand, why you would try to do that when you've given all your personal information?" Amazingly, despite his ineptitude, the thief still hasn’t been caught.

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Determined to confront the thief, the owner took matters into their own hands and apparently visited the address on the ID, only to be told by residents that they hadn’t been seen for weeks. The car has also been spotted several times since it was stolen, so it’s surely only a matter of time before the cops catch up with the thief.