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Cobalt Sedan and Coupe- Fun and Inexpensive!

The Chevy Cobalt is surprisingly fun to drive for an inexpensive car. It boasts solid fuel economy and is available with one of the nicest stereo systems found in this price range. Unfortunately, the seats in both the sedan and coupe are uncomfortable to many. Still, in 2010 we can get out hands on the 2010 Cobalt sedan and coupe, including the LS, LT, and performance tuned SS Turbo trims.

The Cobalt is pleasant, if not powerful, on the highway. Adding to this is the car's great fuel economy and solid ride quality. The exterior has some racy tendencies, but some still find it dull. The coupe appears to be liked a bit more, but this is usual for vehicles like these. The 2010 Cobalt's spacious trunk, nice entertainment options and quality materials can't redeem the car's practically non-existent comfort. Unfortunately for Cobalt-lovers, the time has come for this vehicle to drive off into the sunset.

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