Codename: Camaro HPE650

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Hennessey Performance has released their take on the Chevy Camro. It does not fail to impress.

Hennessey Performance racks up another hit with their take on the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. The Camaro adds up to another notch in the belt of the long line of impressive automobiles in Hennessey's collection. The convertible, given the codename HPE650, shows you how to boost the power of the Camaro in a quick, efficient and powerful approach. 655hp is the result of a new kit including a TVS2300 supercharger system, new air induction system, high-flow cylinder heads, high-flow catalytic converters and stainless steel long tube headers.

A high-flow fuel injector upgrade gives the Camaro an extra boost, along with a small tweak of the car's ECU as the final touch Hennessy needed to finish off the powerful Chevy. Hennessey's work on the Camaro wasn't limited to just under the hood, as the interior and exterior received some needed attention as well. The exterior looks nice, with a cool exterior stripe pack and HPE650 badging adorning the central parts of the frame. A new Hennessy aero kit, full coilover suspension, HPE engine cover and serial-numbered dash and engine plaques give the Camaro an extra dimension.

A new set of HPE premium lightweight alloy wheels set it off right. The interior received some bespoke leather upholstery with Hennessy premium floormats and embroidered headrests.

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