College Student Calls a Scion tC Home for 8 Months


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Young people are often accused of doing odd and unusual things, and living out of a Scion tC for eight months is certainly one of them. What could have possibly driven a person to do this? Apparently high rent prices in L.A. forced Brian, a California college student, to devise a scheme only he could love in order to stay one step ahead of the system. His days basically revolved around his time at school, where he could shower, store food, and just hang out.

Brian is a firm believer in the benefits of his lifestyle of calling a car his home. Sleeping out of his car naturally forced him to wake up bright and early each morning, leading him to become a more productive citizen. Showering in the university gym led him to exercise more often, while staying longer hours at the office and spending more time lingering around resulted in a lot more personal interaction. The biggest plus of all, however, was the pleasure of sticking it to the man by not having to pay for the high rent in Los Angeles.

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Living out of cars is old hat for Brian, having spent two years living out of a 1987 Toyota Van and a 2006 Subaru Outback Wagon before living two years in an actual apartment. But then the call of his 2008 Scion tC got hold of him and the rest is history. According to Brian, when asked about his eight months of living the high life out of his Scion, he simply responded that he "loved it."