Colombia's New Crime Fighting Ferrari 348 Police Car

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Presenting the newest member of Colombia's National Drug Office.

Colombia has long been known for having its share of drug smuggling problems. In recent years, however, the Latin American country has done a lot to curb the influence of these traffickers by training their army and police forces properly. But now the Colombian police have a new secret weapon: a 1991 Ferrari 348 TS. Originally owned by drug lord Luis Hernando Gomez Bustamante, back in 1994 the police conducted a raid against him.

All told, they confiscated some 68 farms, 24 offices, and 17 parking lots along with various other items and properties. The total was valued at over $100 million. And amongst those assets seized was this Ferrari. Powered by a 300hp V8, it only had 1,200 miles on the odometer and was valued at US $250,000 by Colombian authorities. However, they failed to sell the car because they believed potential buyers feared that Bustamante's family might decide they want the Ferrari back. Also, the Colombian police were worried that if it brought in a low price at an auction they could be accused of selling the state short.

So what to do? Simple, turn it into a police car. The 348 was then painted green and white, which are the Colombia's national police colors. They will soon put the car on display and even plan to tour the country before it goes to a police museum.

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