Colonel Qaddafi's Fiat 500 Gets Jacked

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Dude, where's my car?

'The Spoils of War' is an antiquated term to most, as wars waged nowadays don't necessarily end with the taking of land for annexation into a new state. Well, the 'spoils of revolution' can eclipse the term in terms of popularity and meaning in a changing Middle East. This photo came through the wires of the New York Times as revolutionaries in Libya seized the compound of Colonel (otherwise known as 'recently-deposed-dictator') Muammar el-Qaddafi. The two revolutionaries seen here are taking the former Libyan leader's custom Fiat 500.

Dictators have been known to amass collections of expensive cars and this Fiat has probably shared the same garage of the Colonel's 'safest car in the world' rocket car. The 'Libyan Rocket' (also pictured) featured a 230hp V6 engine and was equipped with airbags, an electronic defense system (which may or may not have existed) and collapsible bumpers that supposedly help the car endure a crash. The Times reported back in May that the Libyan Investment Authority held a two percent stake in Fiat SpA, so this customized Fiat 500 could have been a gift from the Italian automaker. Some pictures do speak louder than words.

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