Colorful Ferrari 355 GTS Art Car by Ton Pret

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Painstakingly hand-painted over a period of months, this is a superb example of a so-called Art Car.

We don't nomally discuss Dutch contemporary painters but when a stock yellow-colored Ferrari F355 GTS is transformed into a wonderful work of art by one, there's really no choice. Ton Pret's Ferrari Art Car project began back in January 2010, and after an initial planning period Ferrari bodywork specialists prepared the car before Ton spent seven weeks painting it. To protect the car's delicate technology, the project was completed under the supervision of the Ferrari Bodyshop in the Netherlands.

The car was hand-painted using a small size brush and in order to reach the desired depth of colors, the painting had to be done at least three times. Speaking on the car's origins, Ton said: "This project was done in assignment of a lover of Dutch contemporary art, whom I met at the Amsterdam Millionaire Fair in the end of 2009. When he proposed to let me paint his Ferrari in my own style and without any artistic limitations, I immediately said yes." Upon being notified of the car's color change the Dutch automobile department were forced to create a new body color category they called 'diverse.' Spot on.

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