Colorodo Reefer-DUI Law: Slur Your Way Out of a Ticket

Dazed and confused legislatures leave it up to drivers to prove they were sober enough.

With the advent of legalized-marijuana in Colorado, lawmakers are struggling to define what constitutes a driving-under-the-influence offense when it comes to smoking the reefer. While everyone agrees that smoking and driving can be dangerous, testing for pot-inebriated drivers is not as clear cut as it is with alcohol. Researchers say that the amount of THC in the blood is not a clear indicator of a driver’s ability to operate heavy machinery, and the evidence stays in the bloodstream for longer too.

As such, drivers who've been charged with weed-DUIs are asked to prove whether they were sober enough to drive. With no actual testing for this, most offenders will be held overnight, getting tested and sobering up. Then, they'll be given the chance to talk - or slur - their way out of a ticket.

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