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Combat-Ready 2005 Gallardo For Sale in Germany

Badass wrap covers original black metallic paint, looks killer!

This Lamborghini Gallardo coupe owner must have gottenreally bored with his original black paint job, because sometime between buyingthe car in 2005 and recently putting it up for sale, he had the car completelywrapped in this awesome red, white, black and gray foil by Cam Shaft wraps. Healso removed the LP550 Valentino Balbon’s all-wheel drive system and replaced it with driving-enhancing RWD. With 37,282 miles, the Gallardo is listed onJames Edition for $84,045.

Beyond its wrap, the car has also been fitted with a sportsexhaust with damper control. Inside, it has the original red/black leathercombination, but it has been fitted with special LED lights under both doorpillars. As the listing reads, this car is “not suitable for a discreetappearance”, but can be quite an awesome attention grabber if that’s yourthing. The sellers are also offering to remove the wrap at no extra cost.

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