Come Drive a Lamborghini in Newport Beach

It's always sunny in Newport Beach. A bunch of Lamborghinis certainly don't hurt either.

So it seems that the Lamborghini dealership in Newport Beach, California has been taking full advantage of two vital things: (a) they have plenty of Lamborghinis to drive around in and (b) they're in Newport Beach. Consider us jealous. If we were working there, we'd very likely be doing the same things they're doing, which is basically having fun on the job. This recently posted video is a compilation from the last three months of various events from around the dealership.

The idea is to show Lamborghini fans "a bit of appreciation and entertainment to get them excited...for 2012." You can even hear the employees laughing against the backdrop of those roaring V12 and V10s as they race past one another on the freeway. Just another day on the job, we guess.

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