Come On Mitsubishi, Grow A Pair And Make A New Evo Sedan Happen

Because nobody wants an Evo crossover. Nobody.

First, the good news: According to Ward’s Auto, Mitsubishi is currently in the process of figuring out its next generation Lancer sedan. There are two possibilities here. One, it could partner with another brand. The executive vice president of Mitsubishi North America has confirmed talks are currently ongoing with an unnamed automaker. Or two, a new Lancer could be developed entirely in-house. The point is that Mitsubishi is still planning to replace the current Lancer which has been on sale since 2008.

Considering the fierce competition by newer and better compact sedans, Lancer sales were up last month by 21.7%. So what’s the bad new? Previous reports claimed a next generation Evo, if it were to happen at all, would be a crossover. However, we still say there’s time for Mitsubishi to correct that and plan a proper next generation Evo sedan. If a new Lancer sedan is going to happen, why not continue the longstanding tradition? Why not have a new halo model that’ll not only satisfy Evo enthusiasts, but will also continue those rally roots? After all, the Subaru WRX STI needs to be kept on its feet.

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