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Come On Porsche, Quit Teasing And Show Us The 917 Concept

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We've been unwittingly waiting six years for this already.

Typically when an automaker designs a concept car, it's to wow the public. But not Porsche. At least not with this one.

A small team in Zuffenhausen built this concept car in 2013 both as a tribute to the legendary 917 and to announce the automaker's return to the top tier of endurance sports-car racing. But rather than show it to the public, the powers that be at the German manufacturer opted to keep it under wraps. Fast forward by six years to when Porsche released the first photo. And now it's released a second.

More of a full-size clay mockup than a fully functioning prototype, the 917 concept appears (judging on the wheels at least) to be based on the 918 Spyder it had just put into production that year. But the silhouette is even more streamlined and lower-slung, echoing the racer that gave Porsche its first win at Le Mans.

Its livery drives the point home even further. The red and white Salzburg scheme and number 23 are the same worn by the short-tailed prototype that Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood drove to the checkered flag in 1970's running of the 24-hour race.

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Now unearthed from the archives, the Porsche Museum is slated to display the show car to the public for the first time as part of a special exhibit celebrating the original 917. And we're very much looking forward to seeing it in full when the exhibit opens on May 14... if not sooner.

So what do you say, Porsche – how about you quit teasing us and reveal the thing in full already? We've been waiting six years by now, even if we didn't know it until a couple of weeks ago.