Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Returns With 12-Episode Tenth Season

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Lewis. Chappelle. Galifinakis. Morgan. This season's gonna be a good one.

When Jerry Seinfeld debuted his new series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," a lot of people wondered what he was up to – and how long it would last. But six years later, the unscripted comedy has become a mainstay of online entertainment. And it's coming back for another season. With nine seasons now in the bag, Seinfeld and company have confirmed that a tenth series is not only in production, but is slated to hit Netflix on July 6 – just a few weeks away. And we already know who'll feature.


As these preview shots go to show, this season's list of guests include Jerry Lewis, Dana Carvey, Kate McKinnon, Alec Baldwin, Brian Regan, Ellen DeGeneres, Zach Galifianakis, John Mulaney, Dave Chappelle, Neal Brennan, Tracy Morgan, and Hasan Minhaj. Baldwin and Regan are the only recurring guests from previous seasons, having both appeared in the first season. And we have to admit we've never heard of some of the newcomers. But at the same time, we can hardly believe that this will be the first appearance for some of them – especially big names like Lewis, Carvey, DeGeneres, Galifianakis, Chappelle, and Morgan.

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What we don't have at this point is a full list of the cars in which these comedians will be getting coffee with Jerry. But we do have a few hints, like the 2002 Cadillac XLR and '65 Porsche 356C in which Regan and Brennan are pictured. Some of the others are shown outside the cars, so we couldn't even hazard a guess at which cars they'll be in. But some of those other vehicle interiors look familiar. Can you pick up on what Seinfeld's putting out there?

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